Students statewide begin online AP courses

AP4ALL, within the Department’s Maine Learning Technology Initiative program, has begun this year’s courses, offering 17 different Advanced Placement course sections to students from all over the state online at no local cost. These rigorous online courses are taught by Maine educators for Maine students. Historically, students of the AP4ALL AP online courses outscored the Maine state average on the AP tests—an average that also outpaces the national average.

By offering AP courses online at no charge, AP4ALL provides equity of access to rigorous and challenging coursework for all Maine public high school students regardless of where they live and the limits of resources available in their local school.

Teachers are provided with significant support in the areas of integrating technology, effective online communication, and all aspects of teaching and learning related to an online course.

The LePage Administration supports online learning as an important tool in providing students with options (“choice”), one of the three key principles in the Governor’s ABC plan for improving education.  The plan highlights accountability, best practices, and choice – the foundational elements of the Education Department’s strategic plan.


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