Using targeted transition funds in K-8 schools

Last fall, the Maine DOE distributed $2 million to school administrative units (SAUs) to support their transition to a proficiency-based diploma. In the months since, the Department has received inquiries related to the use of these targeted transition funds in K-8 schools.

While statute states these funds are to be used in the manner determined by the SAU to support the cost of the transition to proficiency-based diplomas not otherwise covered by the State, the decision to determine that best use rests at the SAU level.

SAUs with only K-8 schools could use the funding in a number of ways to build capacity and support for their students’ readiness to demonstrate proficiencies toward a proficiency-based diploma. One way the SAU with only a K-8 school could choose to use the transition funds would be to build in extra support for any current eighth-graders who have gaps in their learning and are struggling to demonstrate proficiency in the standards of the system of learning results. The current eighth-graders will graduate in 2018 by demonstrating proficiency at the standard level in the system of learning results. Students who are proficient in the Maine K-8 learning standards enter secondary schools with increased readiness to learn and demonstrate proficiency of the Maine 9-12 learning standards.

For more ideas on how to effectively leverage these transition funds, visit the Using Your Transition Funds section of our Getting to Proficiency site.

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  1. Is any organization, group or individual currently (1) keeping track of and/or (2) studying the locally-developed standards to ascertain whether or not they are truly standard across the state?

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