NOTE TO SELF: Remember to Breathe

Note to self: remember to breath

During this Difficult Time Filled With Great Uncertainty- Please remember to take moments each day and Breathe On Purpose. As HUMAN BEINGS, it’s critically important to check in with ourselves especially now.  Ask yourself- “How Am I Feeling Right This Moment?” and “Where Do These Feelings Live in My Body?”

These questions posed to ourselves help us to slow down the business of our lives and to self-reflect. This is important because this helps human beings (who are far too often existing in a state of automatic pilot) to build our emotional intelligence. Self-Awareness takes practice and requires our concentrated effort. All other emotional intelligence skill development requires a solid foundation of self-awareness. Without being self-aware of our thoughts, feelings, needs- we are not able to fully self-regulate, form meaningful relationships, cope with life difficulties or make responsible, ethical and reasonable decisions.

Collectively, across the planet- we have been given this opportunity to sit in the moment. We are obligated to take care of ourselves in a mindful and compassionate way, as our lives depend upon the choices we make right now. Together, separately we can weather the seas of this storm as we mindfully attune to our basic human survival needs with attuned hearts and minds.

Educators- take care to check in with your sense of urgency to get lessons prepared and sent out to your students. Be aware that we’re all in this together and each of us can only do the best we know how with the resources we have available.

When we get to the other side of this- our students will not remember the science, math, reading or writing lessons we asked them to do. They WILL remember your kind words of support, your smiles, your encouragement, your calm and centered presence and most of all your love.

Take care of yourselves today and everyday so that you can continue to take care of others (family, friends, students) and BREATHE ON PURPOSE.

With Great Gratitude-

Kellie D. Bailey, Maine DOE SEL Specialist
Bear Shea, Maine DOE Mental Health / School Counselor Specialist

Join Kellie or Bear during their Brain Centered Emotional Support Sessions that are available twice daily as part of the Department’s virtual meetings.