Updated Special Education Forms

Several of the Maine DOE Special Education forms have been updated and an optional referral form for special education services has been developed.  All vendors have been notified of the changes. A complete list of the forms is available at the bottom of this notice. Below are the detailed changes to the forms:

The Revised IEP Form includes two changes:  The first change is in Section 7B of the IEP (Alternate Assessment).  This section now includes check boxes to ensure that this IEP Team determination is completed annually with the Participation Decision Flowchart.  If the IEP Team determines that the child shall take the alternate assessment, then a statement as to why the child cannot participate in the regular assessment and why the particular alternate assessment selected is appropriate should be included.   The second change is in Section 8 of the IEP (Special Education and Related Services).  This section now includes “Nursing Services” and “Behavioral Health Day Treatment” as related services.  If a child requires support from a behavioral health professional in a day treatment setting, the frequency of that support should not be considered in the calculation of the LRE percentage.  The frequency of this service is not in lieu of specially designed instruction, the frequency of this service is concurrent with special education and other related services.

The Written Notice includes an updated phone number for Southern Maine Parent Awareness which is listed in the resources for parents to contact in receiving assistance in understanding or obtaining the procedural safeguards.

The optional Seven-Day Waiver form was updated to include language to clarify that a description of proposals or refusals should be documented, not just proposals by the SAU.

The Speech/Language – Teacher Input forms were updated to include the same header as the other state forms.  These forms include teacher input for: Voice, Language, Functional Communication, Fluency, and Articulation.  These forms are considered optional, and are not required in the initial or re-evaluation of a child suspected of having a Speech or Language Impairment.

The Referral for Special Education Services form is now available.  This form provides an opportunity for the referring party to document academic and functional strengths and weaknesses of the child, relevant local and state assessment data, and attempted interventions.  This form is considered optional, and is not required in the referral of a child suspected of having deficits to the degree that requires special education services.

The Procedural Manual has been updated to provide guidance and clarity to the optional and required Maine DOE special education forms.  The effective date of the aforementioned forms and the Procedural Manual will be October 1, 2018.

Special Education Forms:

For more information contact Roberta Lucas at Roberta.lucas@maine.gov.